Dining in Buenos Aires Restaurants

Many restaurants exist around Buenos Aires for people to eat and drink. There are many categories of restaurants to eat, such as foreign (French and Italian) to native (South American dishes). There is even an organic restaurant called Bio, which I would recommend, if you are watching your overall health. You can find the restaurant at Humboldt 2192.

While you are dining in a specific restaurant, it is customary to leave a tip which is ten percent of the bill. The restaurant may charge you for “cubiertos” (cutlery), which range from five to nine pesos added onto your bill. However, if you cannot afford the tip, you will not be looked down upon.

As you can imagine, many types of restaurants exist in Buenos Aires, ranging from all different types of styles of food. The food in Buenos Aires is generally fresh, because we are a port city near the Atlantic Ocean.

If you like watching tango, you should visit Café Tortoni. Café Tortoni is a restaurant with cheap entrees, if you are on a budget. Café Tortoni is located on Ave de Mayo 825. Another restaurant I would recommend is Brasserie Petanque, located on Defensa 596. Brasserie Petanque is a new French restaurant with reasonable prices. A French restaurant like the Brasserie Pentanque can have sweet desserts and rich food.

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